About Us

What makes us the most reliable, trustworthy and successful Pest Exterminators in Burlington?

At Burlington Pest, we have a diverse, hardworking, committed and dedicated team with only one job, to satisfy you! All of our employees are insured, licensed and certified to in their field of expertise. We are committed to providing our residential and commercial clients with a safe and pest-free space. Our innovative pest control services are guaranteed to get rid of your pest problems, while our protection and preventative services make sure your home stays pest free when we’re gone. We stay on top of the pest control market, implementing new strategies with the latest techniques and tools to improve the quality and range of our services. We carefully inspect your infestation and listen to the information you provide us with in order to come up with the most efficient and quick strategy for you! The “One size fits all” standard doesn’t apply here at Burlington Pest, we’re committed to only quality work and results. We’ll only recommend the service that fits your particular needs to keep your residence safe and pest free. We will never recommend unnecessary services to our clients, and we will always have the fairest prices in the Burlington region!. When you work with us, you can be rest assured that you will be getting only the highest quality service you need for the largest investment you have – your home.

What Services For Pest And Animal Control Do We Provide?

We provide Pest and Animal control services along with extermination services for the most common infestations in Burlington. Our services include:

Why Choose us instead of other agencies like Abell Pest Control?

Our Ontario based pest exterminators are trained to be highly customer oriented and have vast industry experience under their belts. Their expertise and practical experience allows them to deliver the highest success rate and efficiency possible at very competitive prices. We’re the pest professionals who care about you and your family, and we know how difficult dealing with a pest infestation can be. That’s why we strive to be as kind, understanding and reasonable with our clients and their situation, and we assure you will be satisfied! With our vast geographic and demographic knowledge of the Burlington area, we can come up with the best extermination strategy for you!

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