Fleas Extermination Services in Burlington

Flea Extermination and Removal in Burlington



If you have pets likes catsor dogs, there are high chances that your home is infested with fleas. They feed on the blood of your pet and cause allergies. Additionally, they carry and transfer diseases to you and your pets. If you suspect fleas have invaded your home and pets don’t wait until the last minute, call Burlington Pest immediately. Our professionals offer high quality flea extermination services and will make sure to rid your house of fleas.

There are different types of flea species and our professionals are aware of each of them. They use the right product and treatment for complete flea extermination. We aim to get your pets rid of fleas in no time.

How to Identify a Flea Infestation?

  • They are dark brown insects with a thin exoskeleton.
  • They could be 1/16 to 1/8 inches in size.
  • They have a flat and hard body.
  • They can jump long distances with their many long legs.

Our Flea Extermination Process

  • Cleaning

If you have a flea infestation your pets will definitely have fleas all over their bodies. Therefore, it is vital we get rid of these fleas, so that they stop hurting your pet and leave your home for good. We will clean your pet . Rest assured, the solutions we use are completely safe for your pets and are very effective at removing fleas. We will apply the solution on your pet and clean them for you.

  • Vacuuming

After treating your pet, we will thoroughly clean your property as well. All the areas where you pet sleeps, walks or spends most of his/her time will be cleaned. All the pet beddings and laundry will be washed in hot water and dried properly. Any other high-risk areas will be vacuumed to ensure no fleas remain.

  • Spraying

Our flea extermination and removal experts will apply residual insecticides to baseboards, carpets, cracks and other areas where fleas could return from in the future. With this method, we can guarantee all fleas will be removed and they will not return!

At Burlington Pest, we offer quick, affordable and professional pest control services to keep your home and/or office safe. Our experience and wide range of solutions allow us to provide you with the best extermination method, ensuring your home is safe from fleas and your pet is happy!

Call us today to schedule an appointment for flea control and removal services.

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