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Bed Bug ExterminationDo you have a bed bug infestation you don’t know how to get rid of? Don’t worry, because Burlington Pest is at you service for bed bug extermination and removal! We are the most reliable pest exterminators in Burlington, and our methods are eco-friendly. We have a team of licensed and certified professionals who will make sure you can sleep at night without having to worry about blood sucking pests. Our experts use the latest products and insecticides, along with the newest and most successful method being an Apprehend treatment! Let our highly trained and experienced professionals take care of you and your home.

How to identify a Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs are very tiny insects that can be hard to spot. They live in the cracks and crevices of mattresses, headboards, behind curtain boards, in plug sockets and any other little gap where they can hide in until feeding time. In order to confirm whether you have a bed bug infestation or not, check around the edges of the mattress, bedside tables, springs and the headboard for black marks. These are the bed bug droppings.

Blood spots on your bed sheets can be another indication that your home has been invaded by bed bugs. Bed bugs appear at night to feed on humans, and their bites are painful causing irritation and itchiness on the affected area. The blood spots are usually a by product of the bed bug feeding on your or your family members and pets. Scratching the bed bug bites can lead to infection and further discomfort in the area, and if left alone can worsen over time. This is why we recommend contacting a bed bug exterminator right away if you suspect your home is infested. By working with Burlington Pest, we can guarantee you will no longer have bed bugs after we finish exterminating them and treating the area. Our process involves a preliminary inspection that allows us to come up with the best and most affordable method to get rid of your bed bugs. We then treat the infestation by exterminating all adult bed bugs, and all eggs. This ensures the bed bugs don’t return.

Our Extermination Methods

We have the latest equipment designed specifically for the purpose of eliminating bed bugs. All of our equipment is certified by the Government of Ontario and maintained in pristine condition. We use our experience and knowledge of the bed bug extermination market to discover new methods of eliminating bed bugs and changes in bed bug behavior. Bed bugs are finding new ways to invade homes like through car rides and social interaction. Along with this bed bugs have started to build an immunity against old extermination products like insecticides, which has made it hard for most pest exterminators to keep up with. However, Burlington pest is always implementing and testing new products and strategies in order to defeat the bed bugs no matter how much they evolve! Here are some of our most successful and reliable bed bug elimination methods.

Aprehend® Bed Bug Treatment

Aprehend® is a fungal spore bed bug extermination product used to eliminate ALL bed bugs in your home! The Aprehend treatment is sprayed in an area where the bed bugs are known to walk. Bed bugs will come into contact with the Aprehend® spray solution and will carry it back to the colony of bed bugs. This treatment method ensures no bed bugs remain even if they’re hiding in areas that humans can’t reach. The way Aprehend works is it spreads from bed bug to bed bug and ensures they are all taken care of. Aprehend® is a procedure that is strategic and does not work immediately, instead Aprehend® will slowly but surely spread to every bed bug in your home before the exterminating begins, and the colony is wiped out. The great thing about Aprehend® is that it lasts for three months! This means your home will be bed bug proof for three months! We recommend having a quarterly Aprehend® treatment. One of our exterminators would visit your home once every three months to spray the fungal solution and ensure your home is protected against bed bugs! If you’re interested don’t hesitate, call now and protect your home from bed bug infestations!

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

One of our treatments for small and secluded infestations is heat treatment:

  • Applying Heat: Our exterminators target the infested area by heating up the room and bed bug colony up to 135°F, ensuring your property isn’t damaged.
  • Monitoring: We will monitor the temperature in real time from a remote location allowing us to increase or decrease the heat depending on how quickly the bed bugs are being exterminated, and how big your infestation is.
  • Moving Air: We use high temperature fans to move the hot air around the infested area, ensuring all small crevices in the floor all the way to the ceiling are taken care of and no bed bugs remain.

It is important to keep in mind that bed bugs don’t carry disease, but their bites are still painful and can cause infections to you, your loved ones and your pets. Children and elderly are at a higher risk of infection and discomfort from bed bug bites, since their immune systems are usually weaker than an adult human and their pain tolerance is also much lower. Please don’t make the mistake of taking a bed bug infestation lightly and trying to treat it independently. There’s a reason Burlington homeowners trust us with their bed bug extermination needs, and so should you!

We, at Burlington Pest, have been providing our best-in-class pest control services to residents and businesses in Burlington. We have the necessary experience along with effective products that make sure you don’t suffer from the same problem again.

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