Centipede Extermination in Burlington Ontario

Why Burlington Pest Is The Centipede Exterminator For Your Home

This is a picture of a centipede found in Burlington

Centipedes are a commonly found pest in Burlington. Some centipedes are harmful and others aren’t however they all have one thing in common; centipedes are an annoying pest that no one wants in their home. Along with this, centipedes look extremely creepy with their many legs, and often carry lots of bacteria and dirt into your home. While centipedes may not seem very threatening, it’s important to note that centipedes are venomous. Some centipedes may bite you if they feel threatened, and the pain of the bite can vary between species. Some centipedes are harmless while others carry strong venom that can cause extreme pain, illness and swelling if they bite you. This is why you generally shouldn’t take the risk of trying to handle a centipede infestation on your own. If you see a centipede in your home it’s likely there are others hiding away. Centipedes can be extremely hard to find without professional equipment and experience, since their small bodies can crawl through small crevices and gaps. If you find centipedes in your home, it’s time to give Burlington Pest a call. With our experience in Burlington, we know what type of centipedes commonly invade residential and commercial properties, and we know what methods work best depending on the environment of the infestation. All of our methods are environmentally friendly and our exterminators are highly skilled. Burlington Pest guarantees our trained professionals will exterminate all the centipedes in your home and will even put measures into place to prevent further infestations! Our exterminators will be able to find where all the centipedes in your home are hiding, and will come up with the best strategy for your home. We take into consideration price, efficiency and time when recommending a solution to you. Once we agree upon a method of extermination, our professionals will carry out the plan of attack. The centipedes in your home won’t stand a chance and will slowly but surely be eliminated by the end of treatment. To finish things off, our exterminators perform a final inspection of your home to dispose of dead centipedes and to make sure none remain, and will sterilize your home in the process. If you want the centipedes in your home removed by a reliable, trustworthy and efficient exterminator, Burlington Pest is the pest control agency for you!

Types Of Centipedes Found In Burlington Ontario

Although there are more than 70 different species of centipedes in Canada, the most common one in Burlington is the house centipede. As the name implies, they generally live in houses. House centipedes do not like wet and cold weather, and instead seek out tight and damp areas to hide in. Examples of these areas can be cracks in your wall, your garage, your basement, your boiler room, underneath a leaky sink, in your bathroom and in the shower. House centipedes range in size between 2-16 Centimeters and have 30 legs. House centipedes have 15 legs on each side of their body and have flat bodies usually black and brown in color. House centipedes are extremely quick because of their many legs and they can be extremely hard to kill on your own.

How To Prevent Centipede Infestations

Since centipedes prefer to live indoors in damp, dark and tight areas, we can prevent infestations by eliminating these areas and covering all entry points to the house. Here are some quick tips!

  • Fix any holes in your walls, floors or ceiling in order to prevent centipedes from entering and hiding in your home
  • Fix leaky sinks and mop up and mess you make so you don’t attract centipedes
  • Make sure your home has no water leaks
  • Seal your floors, walls and pipes in your home
  • Regularly clean your duct system and make sure all vent covers fit properly
  • Clean your home regularly, making sure to throw out any insect eggs or dead insects you may find

What To Do If Your Home Still Has Centipedes

If your home still has centipedes after following our tips and you just can’t seem to get rid of them then it’s definitely time to seek professional help. Burlington Pest is always one phone call away from exterminating your centipedes and making your home insect-proof. We offer the best centipede and insect extermination and control services in Burlington, and we promise you’ll be glad you called us! Call today for a free consultation and quote regarding your centipede and pest issue!

Call Burlington Pest today and eliminate all the centipedes in your home!

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