5 Smart Tips To Keep Mice Away From Your Home

5 Smart Tips To Keep Mice Away From Your HomeThere is no denying the fact that mice are the most irritating pests. They cause not only structural damage to homes and offices but also deliver various health issues. For example, if you unknowingly consume the food contaminated by mice, it may cause food poisoning or infection. Moreover, the mice can gnaw on almost everything such as electrical wires, plumbing fixtures and more. Thus, the presence of mice or rats in your home could be dangerous.

Below are some tips you can use to keep mice and rats away from your home.

  • Clear Out The Clutter
    No matter, it is your room, storeroom or garage, you should keep it clean and well-organized. Throw away the waste newspaper and magazines. Make sure you seal all the cracks and crevices around the home to ensure that the mice couldn’t enter your home.
  • Cover The Food
    Sugar, sweet food items, cereals and more are the main attraction for the mice. You must keep them in airtight containers.
  • Drainage System
    A drainage system is an arrangement to move liquid and waste away from your property, but this can also act as an entry point for the rodents. So, make sure you kept it dry and covered so that mice could not enter.
  • Keep Your Home Clean & Organized
    Regular cleaning of your home, kitchen and bathroom can help keep these annoying critters at bay. If you have waste or leftover food, throw it in a dustbin covered with a lid. Every day clear your bins to prevent any potential food sources for rats and mice.
  • Pay Attention To Home Exterior
    Make sure the vents are not broken or loose. Check your home exterior, the foundation, cable wires entry points, walls, window and door should not have cracks or gaps. In case, your home has a chimney, then cover it as well. If you have a garden, check the plants and trees roots should not have small holes developed by mice to stay there.

The tips mentioned above can help you prevent mice and rats. Still, if you are getting any problem, then visit Pest Control Burlington. Our pest control and removal experts provide safe and effective treatment for mice infestation.

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